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Marine Boy - New Edition

Summer in the sun-washed beachlands of the south coast of England. Sixteen year old Kim wants nothing more than to be tough like his wild and fearless brother Scott, the leader of a gang of skinheads fighting for control of the local drug trade. Kim’s young girlfriend Dawn is also a skinhead, whose father is the reclusive biker and drug dealer Dug. What happens next will change the lives of Kim and Scott forever.

Soul Bay Press are absolutely delighted to confirm a new version of Marine Boy (Soul Bay Press -SB020) by Howard Cunnell – published on 1st August 2021 available here! The first edition (Soul Bay Press -SB001) was the debut publication by Soul Bay. Unfortunately all remaining copies were destroyed in a warehouse fire in Sydney in 2018. Therefore we are thrilled to be able to publish this new edition (complete with ltd edition postcard for first 50 copies - signed by Howard).

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