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In his debut novel ‘A New Science of Navigation’, Martin Jenkins introduces us to a high weirdness in squats and patches of land by canals, rites and ceremonies under railway bridges and in underpasses, while old gods are called in echoing, empty warehouses.

In this London, a network of living symbols is threatened by the digital tentacles of an alien power spreading throughout the capital. ‘A New Science of Navigation’ evokes the magic of a city in a prose that is by turns poetic, scabrous and often very funny.

A new science navigation

  • Martin Jenkins lives in London. He has previously written a novel, A New Science of Navigation, published by Soul Bay Press. He is currently working on his second novel, Unseasonable Snow.

    He has also contributed ‘Recent Advances in Atomic Science’ to the SBP short story compilation ’13’.

    Martin has also written the foreword to all three of SBP’s editions of The Society of the Spectacle including the most recently published 3rd edition featuring his foreword ‘ The Fragile Perfection of Capitalism’ .

  • We always aim to ship our books out within 3 working days of receiving your order. 

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