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Franks collects together over a quarter of a century of his poems, sketches and lyrics. Bittersweet echoes from the dole queue, bedsits and beaches of the Sussex coast. Remembrances of old Soho bars, cold city side streets, stolen kisses and dark dreams. And finally from Sydney’s Northern Beaches where the passing of time is still measured in the sand, one grain at a time…

Scratched in the stars, sprawled on the sand

SKU: SB004
  • Andrew was born in Eastbourne, East Sussex. A parallel working life began in local government then the theatre and then as an English language teacher, whilst all the time playing guitar and singing in local bands. Franks has subsequently worked for magazine and newspaper companies around the world.

    ‘Scratched in the stars, sprawled on the sand’, the debut collection was published by Soul Bay Press in 2009. This was followed by ‘The last of the great British traitors’ in 2011. A third collection ‘Sunflower Eclipse over Troia Nova’ was published by SBP in November 2018. His fourth collection ‘Countrycide’ is due to be published in 2021/22.

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