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The third collection of poetry by Andrew Franks. This is his most coherent collection to date and firmly establishes Franks as an important voice in these dangerous times. Topics range from a miraculous night in London to … lost moments in faded seaside hotels… early mornings on the Tasman coast… Hitler’s assassin… eulogies for dead poets… the ace-face of the space race…reminiscences of loves ancient, faded and frantic… messages from Camp Delta and from dead anarchists… punk rock discotheques…internet sensations and celebrating the destruction of half the world’s wildlife!

Sunflower eclipse over Troia Nova

SKU: SB016
  • Andrew was born in Eastbourne, East Sussex. A parallel working life began in local government then the theatre and then as an English language teacher, whilst all the time playing guitar and singing in local bands. Franks has subsequently worked for magazine and newspaper companies around the world.

    Sydney is currently home. He hosts a weekly radio show ‘London Calling’ on 2rrr and plays guitar in ‘The Freds‘ ‘The Last Sunbathers & ‘The Butterfly House‘. In addition he performs his poetry live on a regular basis in both UK & Australia.

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