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A brief little history

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Whilst Soul Bay Press only started in 2007, the members of the editorial group have been in the publishing world to a lesser or greater extent from as long ago as 1981.

Spectrum was a music/arts fanzine that covered the Eastbourne/South Coast music scene with a rather sardonic tone and proper old skool design and typesetting skills (i.e. cut-outs, collages and lick & stick typewritten features). Copies of the first issue are much sought after (esp. by the editor).

After that venture, a couple of the team joined the board of JM96* (cricket magazine), taking it from kitchen table to WH Smiths.

Whilst working at the same time for more mainstream publishers (and other assorted organisations), the need for an independent outlet for various literary projects became more pressing. And, despite the fact that a third of the original team now lived in Australia, Soul Bay Press emerged from the depths of The Beehive (a pub just off the Walworth Rd)...

Soul Bay Press

2021 "We wunt be druv"

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